Monday, December 26, 2011

Ah, the Season is Upon Us!

"Happy Holidays!" to All!

A gallery door on Canyon Road.
Getting warm around a farolito!
I write this while on the Crystal Mesa Farm in Santa Fe, NM where we had a beautiful - and very white! - Christmas.  There is a tradition here, the walk on Canyon Road, which we had not done in some years. Many of the galleries that Santa Fe is known for are on this road and the owners make bonfires (farolitos) and every flat surface is lined with luminarias (paper bags with sand to hold them down and a lit candle in side for illumination).  Cider, cocoa, and coffee - and I suspect a few flasks - are offered around and Christmas cheer holds sway!

That's (L to R) Me, daughter Merit, and Marie. Chance was off canoodling with his girlfriend.
That's a luminaria to the right of Marie. Hundreds, thousands of those are everywhere!  Such a beautiful tradition!

Chance strums his new ukelele!
Merit and her only "non-tech" gift!
After enjoying the walk we headed home to have our Christmas dinner and unwrap a few gifts...

Merit's all about photography these days, so Photoshop was in her pile, as well as a new digital camera!

Chance is writing songs these days and is becoming quite adept with - are you ready for this - a ukelele!

I've been doing my family's Holiday cards (and mine before that) for over thirty years but for the past few years my talented kids have joined in the process!

Merit, my thirteen-year-old computer genius daughter, decided to run the show this year.  At our first snowfall in December, she instructed me to take a picture of our buddha.  She put it through mysterious and wonderful processes on her computer, then asked me to ink the result.  And below is the finished product!  Hope you enjoy it!

Our Holiday Card for 2011...I think Merit did a heck of a job, don't you?
And I hope you enjoy this Holiday Season!  For me - and many of us, I think - 2011 was a year of much change; some good, some bad and some for which the jury is still out!  So let's enjoy this time of fellowship, kindness and generosity and embrace the New Year with wonder and excitement!

All my love and respect...


Next up: the making of Wild and Willey: "Jackson" LIVE in Jackson!


  1. Thanks for sharing this with your fans! Some day, I hope to attend one of your events...look for the crazy college professor who remembers you as one of the Joe Novaks on Ryan's Hope.

  2. Looks like a wonderful celebration. You are SOOOOO fortunate to have a white Christmas since we are so much further North up here in Canada and NO snow. I am jealous. However, I like the safety factor for those who have mobility problems (my son Nathan has MS and did not miss the snow at all). I wish you and yours a Happy New Year and I hope I get to see a live show of yours sometime - I remember the first time you arrived in Pine Valley! I watched since the first year and am so disappointed that after a long day at work I cannot sit for 45 minutes and relax while Pine Valley transports me away from the outside world! Please come back! What is the closest city you will be doing a show in - I am in Ridgetown ON Canada. About an hour from Detroit - 3 from Toronto? Caesar's Windsor would be perfect for me! Thanks! Joan E. Cofell

  3. How did your kids get so big?! Oh my goodness! Merry Christmas<3

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your family and holiday. I just love you Walt Willey! I miss All My Children so much, it still stings to think or talk about it! Nice that you had a white Christmas, I didn't and I live in Chicago! I hope to see you this year, if you come to Chicago vicinity for an appearance. I'll keep checking your upcoming dates. This is a year of change for a lot of us, and I for one am going to do things I've been wanting to do and have not. One of those things is to try and see my AMC favs! Love ya! (just a fan)

  5. How wonderful of you to share! Happy holidays to you and your family. I miss AMC and seeing you and Erica. I'm sure good things will be coming your way in 2012. Good luck and Happy New Year Walt. Thanks for sharing a portion of your holiday with your fans!

  6. Thank you for sharing a part of your personal life with your fans. It is a real priviledge to see into your life. God bless you. Many of us really miss seeing you everyday on All My Children. All the best to you and your family on this blessed holiday.

  7. Thanks for sharing your Christmas traditions Walt. I watched All My Children for 42 years and still miss it everyday. Happy trails wherever your path may lead!

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  9. Walt, thanks so much for posting your photos & yes, Merit did a "buddheful" job on your family card! ;0) Miss seeing U on AMC, & hopeful that I'll see one of your live performances someday! Greetings from NJ, where we wish you, Marie, Merit & Chance all the best & blessings for the new year & always. Namaste, Donna
    sorry previous post deleted to remove typos ;0)

  10. OMG, I have pictures of Chance and Merit from December 2003. Huge change!

  11. What a great card and story to go along with it!
    Happy New Year!!

  12. Walt, wishing you and your family the best holidays ever. I miss AMC, and hope that somehow you guys could return. I am a big Jerica Fan. I was a VIP at susan Lucci's book signing in Glendale. I left before you showed up. Please come to Los Angeles and do your comedy show........I would love to see your show. What about Brea Improv.....?

  13. A gorgeous location, made even more so by your family. Thanks for sharing.