Friday, December 2, 2011

Into the South...Nashville!

My apologies, first off, for not keeping this blog up as I had told myself - and you - I would.  I have never really been on the road for two months (okay, I was home for a quick four days) and it was a bigger deal than I had thought.  Not the promoting, nor the performing or the after-show meeting and greeting; that's never a's what it's all about, after all!

It's the bloody travel!  I'm old enough to remember when travel, especially air travel was an exhilarating adventure, not a tedious chore at best.  At worst, it's just hideous.

"Saying it and feeling better" at the
pre-show Meet and Greet and Q&A
Even driving.  Now, I'm a big fan of the road trip.  In the old days it was an opportunity for a "Hunter Thompson-esque" free-for-all.  Now days, I'd just like to get there in one piece listening to satellite radio the whole way.

Basic driving rule: if you're not going at least 10mph over the speed limit, stay the hell out of the passing lane!  There: I said it and I feel better....

Okay.  Back to Nashville!

After a busy but refreshing time in Chicago and Ottawa, Illinois, I was braced and ready for the next leg of the Wild and Willey Comedy Tour 2011.  Nashville is a town for which I've felt an affinity for a long time.  Too often I'm in a town for too short a time to really enjoy it.  This was the case in Nashville.

In past trips, I've seen the Grand Ol' Opry, Ernest Tubbs' store, heard the kick-ass music spilling out of the bars (only to find myself inside a few of them, lured by the music, don'tcha know?), but this trip I had other things on my mind: namely, the shoot in Jackson, TN that was looming in the very near future.  It was to be the first DVD I've done of my comedy act since Hector was a pup (and he's a big dog now!) and I wanted everything right.  I worried about content and the audience response, about working with a crew I don't know.  I wrote and refined new material.  I was content to just hang out in my room.

My room before Hurricane Walt hit!
Zanies, wherever that club may be, always does things classy, and this time was no exception.  I had perfect room for hanging in. The Hutton has great potential, but it's young (hip?) crew can be a little long on attitude and short on working knowledge.  Oh Lord, how old am I, to be making a comment like that?  Yipes!

Anyway, I looked out the window of my room and nashville beckoned.  I've had some good food in N'ville, so headed out to put on the feedbag.  I didn't have far to go...

Yum! This was good!
The Mambu Restaurant (in a funky blue house on Hayes Street, walking distance from the Hutton ) was quite a find.  I grabbed a seat in a small booth in the Hideaway Bar and Grill, allowed myself a cocktail from the incredible list (a truly grand martini) and settled in for a superb meal in a really fun atmosphere; think Island Funky meets Country Fried and your just about there!  I had the calamari (delicious) and the corn fritters (who doesn't like fritters?) and the beet and orange salad (so good!).  Anita, the owner (I believe) was a fabulous and gracious host and the place was fairly full (it was late...I got there just before the kitchen closed).  This was on a Tuesday night; I can only imagine this place on a weekend!

It pays to wander out into the night, it seems.

The next night brought the show at Zanies.  The turn out for the meet and greet prior to the show was a small, but very dedicated bunch of fans.  These Q&As are so much fun for me and with AMC's cancellation and the Prospect Park issue a-broiling, folks had lots of questions.  I added some behind the scenes stories, talked about my family, let these folks know how deeply their devotion is felt by myself and all of the Daytime family.

Making a point...about what I have no idea.
These images are taken off video, by the way...
That's why they look the way they do.

Onstage at Zanies in Nashville!
And then came my show!  I truly believe that live performance is the most magical, intimate experience that performer and audience can share.  I got to try out some new stuff (Jackson and the shoot always on my mind) and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  And the audience seemed to as well, judging from your comments that night and on my Facebook sites ( and

Thanks so much for coming out...I love you all!

Next up: "Jackson" in Jackson!

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  1. thanks for bringing us up to date for AMC i didnt have the opportunity to meet you guys in nyc for the fan exchange one to one- think about coming back and at a little cheaper rate-some of us die hards are out of work or reduced hours but i still think about the hunks of Pine Valley i truly believe that you guys were the best actors of day time tv and gve it your all each and every role. thank you and good luck keep the posts coming thanks Priscilla